Reworked PTACs from PTAC Inc.: Only the Best

PTAC Inc. offers high-quality reworked PTAC units for your hotels at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. Every unit goes through a four-step process to ensure optimal performance.

No matter what brand it is or what level of use our PTACs have experienced, each of our reworked units goes through the same process. That includes:

  1. Initial Inspection: The reworking and recycling centers we use are EPA-certified. A team of experts examine each unit, and if it doesn't meet the requirements, it's recycled. The refrigerant is recovered so that it doesn’t escape into the atmosphere. All minor issues are documented.
  2. Repairs: The PTAC unit is sent to the reworking team for recalibration and repair. Anything that is broken or malfunctioning gets fixed, cleaned and deodorized.
  3. Quality Test: A series of tests is performed by quality assurance teams on the reworked units to make sure they meet high standards of performance. This process ensures you'll get a ready-to-use PTAC once it gets to you!
  4. Final Inspection: During this stage, the PTAC unit is inspected and given a cosmetic upgrade. A new coat of paint is added and all dents or dings are repaired and buffed out. At the end of this stage, it’ll come out looking good as new.

One of the most common things seen in used PTACs is rust, especially if the units were used at hotels along the coast. Salt water corrodes metal components pretty easily, but usually it’s just a cosmetic issue. Our rigorous standards ensure your unit will be free of major corrosion.

All reworked PTACs are rated either Platinum, Gold or Silver. These ratings are based on cosmetic appearance and functionality. PTACs with a Platinum rating are nearly brand new. Those with a Gold rating are slightly used and those with a Silver rating are heavily used, but still high quality.

We stand behind our work, and offer a 6-month warranty on all our reworked PTACs. We’ll keep you and your guests cool, comfortable and protected!