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PTAC Inc. carries a large selection of new and refurbished packaged terminal air conditioning units.
 Both ship directly from our warehouse - most orders ship the same day! 
Our PTAC specialists can talk through any questions you have. 
We carry the best PTAC brands in the country. And they ship fast to you.
Refurbished PTACs
Only the best pass our in-depth inspection by certified PTAC technicians.
Hotels, Motels, Inns
Buy PTACs in bulk from the #1 trusted name in PTAC sales and installations.
Make your garage or porch your favorite (and most comfortable) room in the house.
Nursing Homes
Whether you need 1 or 100 units, contact us today for excellent customer service and fast shipping.
Hotel Installation
Over the years, we’ve established excellent relationships with some of the best hotels in America. They trust PTAC Inc to quickly ship their packaged terminal air conditioning units and to install them without the headache of hiring a local HVAC team. Give us a call today to show you why PTAC Inc. is the only call you need to make to buy Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning units. 
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Residential PTAC Sales
PTAC Inc. is the clear partner for your residential addition.
If you are considering a residential addition such as adding a sunroom or converting a garage to living space, you must also consider how you will heat and cool this additional space. One option is to utilize your existing central a/c system by extending the ductwork to the new addition. This will only work if: 
  • your existing system has enough capacity for the new addition.

  • you have access to the crawl space or attic above or below the new addition for routing the new ductwork as to maintain balanced airflow throughout the house.

One disadvantage to utilizing central system for the new addition (in addition to the high cost) is that you will not have control to heat or cool the new space when it’s not being used. You may close some of the register dampers to reduce airflow to the new space but air will get through and energy will be wasted.
The best option?
Install a through wall PTAC (air conditioner with electric heat) or PTHP (air conditioner/heat pump with backup electric heat). These units are quiet, easy to install, and economical to purchase and operate. This option will allow you to control the room temperature independent of the remainder of the house. You can also simply turn the unit off and close off the room when not in use- saving energy and money.
 Installation simply requires a hole in the wall (typically 16” x 42” or 16” x 26”- depending on the model), and a 220-volt dedicated electrical circuit. That’s it- nothing more. Any competent carpenter can usually install a through the wall unit in about an hour.
 We have available new PTAC and PTHP units ranging from 7,000 BTU up to 15,000 BTU. Various accessories are available including wired or wireless wall thermostats, wireless remote controls, energy management options, standard or architectural (custom color) exterior louvers, etc…
Buy Back Plan
We provide trade-in allowances on new units from old units that we "buy-back" from you. We also purchase your old units in quantities of 30 or more regardless of whether or not you purchase your new units from us. 

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