Corporate Sales

For our larger customers, PTAC Inc provides much more than just the sale of PTAC units. We are a solutions provider at scale and through our organization and partners offer:


•Installation of PTACs nationwide
•PTAC cleaning and maintenance nationwide
•Thermostat and energy management systems design and installation
•Removal and recycling of used PTAC units
•Centralized billing and logistics services
•New construction and renovation consulting

PTAC Inc and our associated brands are the only providers of reworked PTAC units in the United States, providing unparalleled value to our clients.


We handle the removal and recycling of used PTACs for thousands of corporately (and independent!) owned properties across the US, processing tens of thousands of units annually. Our facility in Knoxville, TN is EPA certified and keeps hundreds of tons of waste out of landfills each year.


Through long-standing industry relationships we are able to offer fantastic pricing on units and accessories from all major manufacturers. If you are searching for a niche product or hard to find part, let us know. We can source it.


PTAC Inc is not an appliance distributor. We are a solutions provider. As such we are here to solve your problems and help you accomplish the job at hand. There are dozens of retailers that can sell you a PTAC unit but we set ourselves apart from the competition by assisting you through the lifecycle of a sale. For our larger clients we create bespoke solutions for purchasing and procurement, billing, logistics, cost reduction and energy management.