PTAC Academy

Welcome to the PTAC Inc. Academy! As the authority on Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, Parts and Accessories, PTAC Inc. created the Academy to share our wealth of knowledge about PTACs with the world. Whether you’re an independent hotel owner, apartment complex manager or looking to install a PTAC unit in a room in your house, the PTAC Academy will teach you everything you need to know about choosing, installing and maintaining a PTAC unit. We hope you’ll find our guides helpful.

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A PTAC in a hotel room
Choosing the Right Heat Type for Your PTAC
To understand the difference between packaged terminal air conditioning units with resistance heating and those with heat pumps, you need to understand a little bit about how they cool.
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A woman enjoys a cool, comfortable room
Choosing the Right PTAC Unit for Your Room Size
A packaged terminal air conditioner, or PTAC, is a ductless, self-contained air conditioning unit that heats and cools contained areas. PTACs are used as a way to cut costs and increase energy efficiency in places like hotels, hospitals, senior residential facilities, apartments and residential add-ons like sunrooms.
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A plug joined to the correct receptacle
Matching Hotel Air Conditioning Plugs to Receptacles
There are a total of six air conditioner plug types for PTACs. They’re based on electrical voltage and amperage.
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Measuring the amperage of electronics
All About PTAC Amps and Voltage
What’s the right size and power for your packaged terminal air conditioner? How do you match a PTAC to the amperage in your hotel? How do you avoid overloading the electrical system?
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